The SOS Campaign
Saving our Schools from Islamisation
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With the SOS campaign our supporters alert Australians to the systematic Islamisation of our schools in textbooks, curriculum, tuck shops, uniforms and installation of parallel rules. We opposes what may be the well-intentioned curriculum rationale of social inclusion that effectively fosters the opposite: religious and cultural exclusion.

Q is committed to real integration and will campaign against those practises that exclude either Muslims or non-Muslims from participating fully in Australian education, sport, cultural and social activities. And Q will campaign against an education system allowing one-sided, positive-only images of Islam to be shown, that amounts to indoctrination rather than real education. Read and distribute the comprehensive response written by Vickie Janson as response to the infamous "Learning From One Another" publication aimed at refocusing our National Curriculum.

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Another example for this one-sided approach is the "Arab Gateways" material for students and teachers. In the online 'Explorer' section this material presents students with a map of the Middle East on which Israel has already been purged. This material has the endorsement of DFAT.

Education in our public schools must be about the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Propaganda and religious indoctrination have no place in our public school system.

Action Points:

Download and pass around the campaign flyer to alert teachers, parents and students to this campaign.

Read and distribute the comprehensive response to the infamous "Learning From One Another" publication aimed at refocusing the Australian National Curriculum.

If you work in education, or are a student or parent and have experienced examples of Islamisation in your local school, we want to hear from you. Please write to

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