Why We Oppose Islam
So much more than just another religion
Islam is not just a religion. It is also a political, legal, financial, social and military doctrine which extends to all facets of Muslim life, the cultural and legal landscape of where Muslims live and how to treat non-Muslims. Islam makes it obligatory for observant Muslims to assist in extending the rule of Islam across the world.

For too long Islam has enjoyed immunity from necessary analysis, due criticism and debate because of its status as 'just a religion'. Unfortunately, if we continue to tolerate Islam without understanding it, Australia as a free, secular democracy will be lost. How so?

Islam tells Muslims not to integrate into non-Islamic countries
Many world leaders are now resigned to this fact. Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew publicly stated "we can't integrate Muslims". British Prime Minister Cameron, French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel have also stated that multiculturalism has failed in respect to Muslims. This is because Islam teaches Muslims to avoid friendship or integration with non-Muslims (who are 'infidel' or 'kafir'), leading to demands for Muslim-only lavatories, swimming pool sessions and prayer rooms in public building. Then there are demands for separate laws, separate food, separate finance, separate schools and much more. This is apartheid and shows contempt for Australia's values of respect, tolerance and equality. While some nominal Muslims do integrate, they are rejecting key tenets of Islam by doing so. For many others, choosing Australian values over Islam is simply not possible; their loyalty is to Islam and the worldwide Muslim community first, their country second.

Islamic culture is forced on the host nation
History has shown that many Muslims will not embrace other cultures or join a 'melting pot'. The culture of a host country must be suppressed or replaced, eventually becoming known as 'the time of ignorance'. We already see Government, workplaces and schools recognising Islamic holidays, daily prayer times and special leave for hajj pilgrimage, amongst a myriad of other demands. Incrementally, halal food is imposed on everybody, sexes are segregated and huge mosques and their minarets built as a show of Islamic supremacy. Aspects of the dominant religion are sidelined or deemed 'offensive', anti-Semitism increases and history books are rewritten to favour Islam and denigrate the host country's heritage. Slowly but surely our Judaeo-Christian values, ethics and customs are being replaced.

Islam demands that Muslims obey and implement sharia law
Islam is a totalitarian ideology that does not separate its law from its religious entity. As a consequence, Islamic sharia or 'divine' law undermines the separation of powers and the rule of law, concepts that are fundamental to our values and democracy and which cannot be compromised by erroneous 'human rights' or 'freedom of religion' claims.

Moreover, it is an obligation of all Muslims to impose sharia law as the political and legal system of the state. The call for it to govern only Muslims is just a first step.

    Sharia law includes:
  • Polygamy, with up to four wives and an unlimited number of concubines;
  • Child marriage, as Mohammed (the 'perfect example' of mankind) married a 6 year old;
  • Slavery, as agreed by all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence;
  • Killing of those who leave Islam, adulterers, blasphemers, critics of Islam and homosexuals;
  • Women and non-Muslims being second-class citizens and men can legally beat their wives;
  • Parents going unpunished if they kill their children, making 'honour killing' legal;
  • Punishments such as beheading, whipping, stoning, cutting off hands and throwing off buildings;
  • The imposition of a humiliating tax on all non-Muslims to support the Islamic ruling class; and
  • enforcement of Sharia being a right of each Muslim, encouraging vigilante street 'justice'.
Q Society rejects any aspect of sharia law in Australia. Sharia law is a medieval and unchangeable legal code which reflects the seventh-century, Arabian desert-living practices of Mohammed. Sharia is the anathema to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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