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Jul 2016: We re-launch our fundraising appeal for the continuing legal action initiated by Mohamed El-Mouelhy. If you are unfamiliar with this landmark case, please read president Debbie Robinson's letter for more details. The complete Statement of Claim can be downloaded here. In July 2016 we still work through the interrogatories, which should be the last stage of the complex preliminary proceedings. A four to five week jury trial has now been scheduled for March 2017 in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. This trial will require considerable resources to cover our legal expenses and we ask friends and supporters to continue to contribute. Please download our updated fundraising appeal with more information and payment options .

Oct 2015: With the launch of Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) and the involvement of many of our members and supporters in the new party, the focus shifts towards political activism. In the defamation action started against Q Society by Mohamed El-Mouelhy, the preliminary court hearings about the validity of Mr El-Mouelhy's claims and arguments about his list of imputations continue.

Jan 2015: Mohamed El-Mouelhy vs. Q Society, Kirralie Smith et al. - Mohamed El-Mouelhy as sole director of the private company Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd, has commenced legal proceedings against Q Society, Q member Kirralie Smith, and three members of the board. We face defamation action in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and ask for donations towards the considerable legal expense associated with defending freedom of expression in Australia.
Please read president Debbie Robinson's letter for more details.
The complete Statement of Claim can be downloaded here (6MB).

Nov 2014: Simon Deng toured Australia on invitation of Q Society and spoke in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Simon is a vocal human rights activists originally from the south of the Sudan, who now lives in New York City.

Sept 2014: Q Society president Debbie Robinson rejects false claims by Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) that the Muslim jihadist group 'Islamic State' would be un-Islamic. Mrs Robinson calls upon the ANIC executive to sign and implement the Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding. To retain credibility, ANIC needs to lead by example, embrace the charter and hereby make it clear that Islam in Australia has broken with its violence-inspiring scriptures, so often referenced by Muslim terrorist organisations. Attending interfaith meetings and issuing media releases claiming offence when Australian agencies respond to Islamic terrorism is counter-productive and only undermines ANIC's credibility.

Sept 2014: New video released: The ADF, Islam and Australian Values. Former ADF Intelligence Officer Bernard Gaynor presents Australians with an unfiltered insider view into the mindset of the current ADF leadership. Politically correct blindness as to the motivation of the enemy combined with a policy to accommodate the desires of minority pressure groups over traditional Australian values, increasingly confuses, alienates and endangers our men and women in uniform. View at

Sept 2014: Q Society calls for truly peaceful Islamic organisations and their leaders in Australia to sign and implement the Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding. In light of the current situation in the Levant and increased concerns within the Australian community, the charter is a valuable instrument for Islamic community leader to demonstrate beyond any doubt where their loyalties lie.

Aug/Sep 2014: Clare Lopez visited Australia following an invitation by Q Society. She spoke on the subject of "Jihad Resurgent: Islamic Challenge, Western Response" on 31 August together with Bernard Gaynor in Perth, 2 September with Dr Mark Durie in Melbourne, 5 September with Michael Smith in Sydney and 7 September with Bernard Gaynor in Brisbane. More information on the event website. Recordings from the event series on our YouTube channel.

July 2014: In response to unbalanced media reports about Israel's response to Islamic terrorist attacks from Gaza, Q Society invited Australians to sign a Letter of Support for Israel. Update: The letter was signed by 2,875 Australians and handed to the embassy on 14 August.

June 2014: Following false claims in The Age newspaper in connection with the Bendigo mega mosque, Q Society President Debbie Robinson clarified that Q is is not associated with and does not cooperate with Mr Mike Holt, or any organisation Mr Holt may lead. Mr Holt is not a member or otherwise associated with the society.

March 2014: The 1st Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia was held from 7 to 10 March in Melbourne. Social events, workshops and presentations brought together old and new friends and inspired hundreds. Videos from the main event are available on our YouTube channel.

February 2014: Q Society releases new policy white paper Twelve Practical Steps to Stop Islamisation.

February 2014: General Media release for the upcoming International Symposium on Islam and Liberty in Australia. Also available for download in pdf format.

January 2014: The event website for our International Symposium on Islam and Liberty in Australia has been launched and interested patrons can now purchase their tickets at

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