Getting Involved
image As a supporter of Q Society, you can be involved on a variety of levels with our organisation.

You can contribute as little or as much as you like: Time, funds, talents, goods, services or expertise - the choice is yours. Our objective is to inform and encourage people to openly discuss the impact of Islam in Australia.

We value:

  • Integration, not Segregation
  • A multi-ethnic Australian Society
  • Individual Liberty and Democracy
  • Equal Rights and Responsibilities
  • Universal Human Rights

As a registered supporter, you can assist by:

  • Getting involved in campaigns and lobbying
  • Participating in campaigns, meetings and information sessions
  • Volunteering in administrative roles
  • Distributing leaflets and other marketing material
  • Using your own specialist skills within the organisation

We are always looking for experts from a wide range of fields, including: Researchers, Lobbyists, Campaigners, Graphic Designers, IT Experts, Social Workers, Solicitors, Academics, Migration Agents, Public Speakers, Security Specialists and more.

Download our registration form complete and return it as first step.
To attend supporter meetings and take part in joint activities with other supporters, also complete and return our non-disclosure agreement.

Respecting the Rule of Law and Privacy

Being a registered supporter of Q means respecting the rule of law. We never resort to violence or slander; we only draw on the wide range of tools available to use within the democratic process.

Make a difference to our initiatives by considering a regular or once-off donation to the Q Society.

    Funds go towards:
  • Bringing academics and international scholars to Australia
  • Administering our volunteer-operated organisation
  • Developing educational material
  • Publicising events to encourage greater public awareness
Download our donation form to get started.

Q Coffee Club - Donate the Cost of a Cuppa

If you are concerned about Islam, but your life is too busy, or for other reasons you do not wish to register as supporter, then our Q Coffee Club is for you. For the price of one coffee per week, you can make a real difference to our important work and to uphold Australian values.

The Coffee Club is a popular way for busy people to contribute to Q on a regular basis without breaking their budget.

Click here for the Q Coffee Club sign-up form and more information.


After you have provided for your loved ones, consider leaving a gift in your will to the Q Society. Bequests can make a remarkable difference to the wide range of educational initiatives we provide, as well as the expenses required to run our not-for-profit organisation. Your bequest will help to change the lives of generations of Australians. To find out how to leave a bequest in your will, please contact us.